Court’s Decision Ignores Serious Health Impacts – Allows Harmful “Growler” Jet Operations

By Port O Call
Aug 13, 2015

Seattle, WA Citizens claiming to be harmed by the Navy’s low-level flight operations expressed disappointment, but not surprise at U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly’s denial of their Motion for an Injunction. The Citizens of the Ebey’s Reserve (COER) sought to halt the harmful F-18 “Growler” over-flights until a required Environmental Impact Statement is completed.

“We believe the judge’s decision flies in the face of the facts and common sense,” said Maryon Attwood, COER board member. “It allows the loudest jets ever built to fly low over homes and places of business while emitting hazardous levels of noise. These flights will be allowed to continue even before the Navy completes a required Environmental Impact Study to assess the harms done to people and the environment,” she added.

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After sprawl threatened relocation, plan to keep Oceana deemed a success

By John Holland
August 19, 2015

Predictions of doom bounced around City Hall in the summer of 2005 and landed on the front page in bold, desperate headlines. People were scared, and for good reason.

Oceana Naval Air Station and its 12,000 jobs were on the Defense Department’s critical list, threatened with closure in large part because the surrounding area had become too residential, too commercial and, ultimately, too dangerous: too dangerous for the fighter pilots who practiced landings and maneuvers that they’d use fighting two wars, and too dangerous for the residents who could be wiped out if anything went wrong on those training missions.

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County should approve ‘navigator’ to protect D-M

Arizona Daily Star
August 9, 2015

OUR VIEW: Appointee would advocate for area, be point person on military matters

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will consider a new economic development plan at its Tuesday meeting. Within the plan’s 14 chapters is an item that will help our community strengthen its connection to Davis- Monthan Air Force Base, the Air Force and other military operations.

The proposal to create a ‘navigator’ position as our area’s point person on military matters, similar to what other communities have done, should be approved. Our region must be forward-thinking in how we can work to protect D-M as the A-10 fighter jets are phased out and national military leaders seek to close bases.

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Arizona military sites may be protected by expanded public land management

by Eric Jay Toll
Jul 31, 2015

Buffering most military sites in Arizona is a banner of public land. The extra space helps preserve the multi-billion boost to the Arizona economy the military bases bring home.

Protecting the public land and military facilities has mutual benefits, according to a study by the Sonoran Institute. The organization is taking its findings to the public to help spread the word and encourage steps to maintaining both the public lands and the Arizona defense economy.

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